1. Excellent read. Many new bloggers start getting paid with sharesale initially. I have a question is there are option to request from the affiliate program owner for a proper invoice or payment receipt? would they encourage that? Or is there any other option to maintain a proper report for the earnings online?

    • Great question Mukesh, thanks for reading.

      General practice shows that most affiliate programs have their own system online to keep track of what they've paid out to you. Certainly the big networks have this, like Shareasale, Clickbank, Commission Junction, and even smaller systems like Refersion offer their partners dashboards to keep track of earnings and payouts. You can usually download reports and they will sometimes provide you with tax papers if you exceed the threshold for tax reporting (US & Canada at least).

      Most programs I deal with would not give you any special invoice or receipt beyond what they do already for all other affiliates, unless you are their top affiliate or a super affiliate.

  2. Don't know why but i prefer Paypal smiles! But yes as affiliate market keeps widening new players comes in. Only few are being confusing and complicated. Most of the players big or small all are genuine. thanks for the useful post Oscar.

    • I like Paypal too, but I don't like their fees. But as long as the program or product I'm promoting has a different payment system, I'll be using it. I will never turn down a good affiliate offer because they offer a different payment system than I'm used to. - Thanks for stopping by Shankar.

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