Setting Goals

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The key to setting goals is to define them.

The key to setting goals is to define them.

Setting goals is crucial to any project or endeavor. The problem with goals is that most people don’t write them down and don’t create a plan of action to achieve the goals set forth. There is no accountability or roadmap. The end result tends to be that goals become only dreams and then you wake up without them.

Outlining your goals, with dates, strategy and tactics is just as crucial as achieving the goals, this is what I’m doing here. But there is a balance between planning and doing. So in the next couple paragraphs I will share with you my goals. These will be in broad strokes but also specific.

I don’t want to plan too much so that I end up not actually doing stuff. Remember what I said back here? Once the cat is out of the bag, I will have to follow through. Sharing my goals with you will put a little more pressure on me to get things done and also serves as a way for me to keep track of them.

I’m also teetering between sharing income reports and not sharing them. Some people, like Pat Flynn, thrive on sharing those reports. Other internet moguls share only bits and pieces. I will have to play it by ear as I go on this one. I’ve already shared a few of the bigger successes I’ve had recently so I may just keep it like that for some time. I don’t know, what do you think? Let me know in the comments…

Here is a breakdown of the main goals and time frame. Notice that the most immediate goals have more details, this is part of how I think goals should be developed. Over time you’ll find things that change so it’s good to be flexible.

3 – 6 Months – October, November and December 2013

Primary goal – Earn at least $10,000/month in commissions via online marketing. The sources for these commissions will be as follows:

  • Inmotion Hosting. This has been very good to me in the past few months, I offer a free website setup service that is unparalleled. It truly is remarkable when you see all that you get, you buy a hosting plan and I’ll setup your website for free.
  • MOBE and MTTB. My Online Business Empire and My Top Tier Business respectively. A comprehensive online marketing guide for small businesses and a licensing systems that earns you commissions of $1000, $3000, and $5000.
  • Aweber. This is the best email marketing software out there and it provides some of the best tools to stay in touch with your customer, increase sales and promote your business.
  • Leadpages. This creates landing pages in just a minute or less and allows you to embed them on WordPress, set them up under a cloaked domain, or just share them directly. They are designed to increase conversions and work flawlessly.
  • A collection of other affiliate based products. Ranging from WordPress themes, to WordPress plugins and other services I recommend to my friends, family and clients.

Secondary goal – Increase email subscribers by 500 – 750. Increase Facebook & Twitter following by 20%. I haven’t been promoting my email subscriptions too much over the past year so in the next 3 – 6 months I’d like to increase my subscription numbers by 500 new members. The same goes for my twitter account and Facebook account; Twitter used to bring about 75% of my business.

Before I point out the other long term goals, it should be mentioned that I only recommend products I use or have used. If I don’t use the product then I can’t honestly recommend it.

6 – 12 Months January – August 2014

Increase earnings to $20,000 and maintain 20,000/month or more until August 2014. Pay off any and all outstanding debts. This will allow my wife to stop working if she wants to.

18 Months

August through October. Increase income to $35,000/month.

24 Months

Summer 2016. Income at 50,000 or more per month.

3 Years.

Complete financial independence for my family. Fully living on our terms. 100% living the dot com lifestyle. Doing what we want, when we want without having to be tied down to a job, or other soul-sucking income generating scheme. The system is generating at least 75% of the income autonomously.

5 Years.

Same as 3 years, but generating at least a six figure income per month.

Does this seem crazy?

Perhaps. There aren’t very many careers where you can go from an average salary to over a million dollars in 5 years. Perhaps a stock trader –if you are really good. Maybe a criminal defense attorney? I’m not sure, but I know that both of those require you to work your ass off and I’m not in the mood for that. I’d love to know what these careers, or professions may be, the ones that let you earn money while you sleep. The ones that allow you to setup a system and let the system work for you. Do you know any? I know that online marketing is one of them. I also know from my personal experience and learning from the best, that it is absolutely possible. In fact my mentors may tell me that I’m being to relaxed with these goals.

So how will I go about achieving these?

The two main things I’m using to generate income are my free website service, and promoting access to MTTB. Both of these products are one of a kind. First my free website service has things that no other free website service offers. And MTTB guarantees that you will make your first commission within 30 days or they’ll give you $500! — I know it works because I’ve made my first comissions already and I made them in way less than 30 days. Both of those offers are dramatically different than anything you’ve ever seen before. You can check out my free website service here, and MTTB here if you’re interested.

The strategy is to build my email list and strengthen my social media presence by providing expert solutions to problems most people have online. This will allow me to reach a wider audience, establish trust with them and offer solutions to problems that most entrepreneurs have.

The tactics are simple. I will use a combination of tools and systems to generate attention to my offers, blog and social media presence. Establishing, growing and maintaining personal relationships is paramount. Producing content is very important so I’ll do that on a regular basis. Some of it will be blogging, some of it will be on youtube and some will be on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I’ll also use tools like IFTTT, EmpireAvenue, Hootsuite, Tweet Old Post, Tumblr and much more to help me achieve this.

So these are my goals, strategy and tactics in a nutshell. I’d love any feedback you have and any ideas you can think of to help me achieve any of these. And of course, I could always use your help in achieving my goals so help me help other people! Leave a comment, or share my website with your social networks.


  1. Randy says

    Setting clear intentions and having a detailed action plan is one of the most important aspects of succeeding with anything you do.