1. Very interesting. So basically what I am understanding is by selling top tier products you can make more money by selling less? Is that kind of the idea of it. Like say if I wanted $1000 dollars. If I sold a product for $10 I would have to sell that product 100 times, where as if I sold that product for $100 I would only have to sell it 10 times.

    I will definitely check out more posts about MTTB if you post more =)

    • That is exactly the case Ryley. Sell top tier and high ticket items and maximize profitability. It may seem like "doh" why didn't everyone think of that, but you'll be surprised how confusing it can be for some folks. -- McDonald's didn't really become what it is today by selling burgers, they are as big as they are because they sold "McDonald's" as a franchise. It's a system that works and will make you money.

      • Well McDonalds made lots by selling it as a franchise. They also were able to sell the brand itself. They did good they are one of the worlds most known brands and were able to sell that brand. McDonalds was highly intelligent. They figured out selling it to kids so that when those kids become adults they will continue to buy and they will buy for their kids. Happy Meals with the toys and having characters like Ronald were very smart moves.

        But I agree selling the franchise and smart branding/marketing is what made McDonalds rich and not the hamburgers. The food is like bait its a way to reel you into the brand.

        • Yup, agreed Ryley. If you wanted to make big money fast, you would try to sell something that is worth a lot and hopefully make a big profit. Another thing too... It doesn't mean we don't sell the lower stuff as well. Sometimes that works as an entry "tate of the brand" level purchase, business thrives on repeat customers so they may eventually buy something that is much more expensive than their first purchase.

  2. Hi Oscar, great post. How are you getting on with the course after day one???

    I’d love to hear your full review on the rest of the course

    • Thanks Darren. What do you mean how am I getting on? I think the course is great. I've gone over the whole thing, but I haven't had time to review it all for you guys but I'm making money with MOBE and also with the principles and stuff I've learned as I apply it to my own business.

      • How can I get started with mttb? Do I need to have my own personal website, or is everything made for you? I am extremely interested in this and would like to get this going.

        • Erik, you can apply for MTTB here. Application for MTTB

          You dont need a website to start, I recommend it as a part of an overall strategy but it isnt required.

          Also if you get on MTTB from me you will have access to several bonus items that help you along the way.

          With these bonuses, you get to use all our methods and techniques and emails, and you can even get access to our private support and discussion forum. All of these give you a tremendous advantage over the rest of the peiple that dont have access to these perks.

          Feel free to contact me if you have more questions. I Hope I answered your questions.

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