My Top Tier Business Review First Looks

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As you may or may not know, I am part of My Online Business Empire, MOBE for short. MOBE is the best online affiliate sales system I’ve ever used for many reasons. Primarily because its products pay me 50 to 90% commissions, and most of the products are sold by a phone team. All I need to do is send traffic to the offer.

The latest and most exciting thing to look at in MOBE is the My Top Tier Business program, MTTB for short. I will be doing a full review of the system to tell you how it works and let you decide for yourself if this is something you want to be a part of.

My Top Tier Business, is a guided 21 step course that teaches you how to make high-end commissions. The commissions are $1000, $3000 and $5000. But there’s actually a way to increase those significantly, but I’ll cover that in a different post. For now, you should take a little time to watch the short video that explains how MTTB works:

So What is MTTB?

MTTB and MOBE are part of Matt Lloyd’s company and as the video states, Matt is so confident that the MTTB program works that he has made a pretty bold guarantee. He says that you will make at least $1000 within 30 days or he’ll pay you $500 cash. (Disclaimer, I’ve made close to $5000 so far). I met Matt in January during an event in San Diego and I got a chance to spend sometime with him in June during the Home business summit in Long beach. He’s legit.

Matt Lloyd

Matt Lloyd with me at the Home Business Summit in Long Beach

I was part of MOBE before MTTB came along, but I know that Matt is good for his word so that guarantee alone really makes this program very attractive. The program itself is free, but there is a $49.00 application fee. If you are accepted into the program then you immediately will get access to your first step.

One of the things that is really cool about this program is that you get a coach along the way to help you get through the 21 steps. The coach will help you with questions and make sure you’re learning the material as you go. In fact, you will not be able to move onto the next step until the current step has been completed. You have to do Day 1 before you move onto day 2, etc.

MTTB features

Here are some of the highlights about the MTTB program:

  • Never have to make a sales call again. The phone team takes care of making the sales; you just need to collect your commissions.
  • Personal one-on-one coaching with one of the My Top Tier Coaches.
  • 21 simple steps to making your first big commission.
  • No computer skills required.
  • Access to the most effective sales funnels and best-selling products in the business.
  • Done for you system. Product fulfillment, payment processing and customer service are all handled for you.
  • Money back guarantee. If your app is declined or you’re unsatisfied with the 21 steps you simply ask for a refund.

All the coaches that are available are part of the MOBE program and one of the requirements is that the coaches are 6-figure earners themselves. They know what they’re doing.

How does the MTTB membership work?

mttb-getting-startedOnce you are approved to join MTTB, you will be given access to the members only section of My Top Tier Business. This is where your journey begins. Whether you have tried affiliate marketing in the past or not, the next 21 days can potentially change your life forever. But like anything else, you must do the work. If you don’t, well things may not work out for you.

You’ll get your username and password for the site. Once you login you’ll be presented with the Getting Started section. This consists of a message from Matt and the MOBE team. The message sets the expectations for the system and what it is all about.

Another important piece of information here is to remind you of the guarantee. Three easy conditions apply to have the guarantee kick in. Do the steps, put in the time and take action on each step.

You also start off with three videos, one is titled “Who is Matt Lloyd?” and this is where Matt introduces himself and tells you his story. By the way, his story is fascinating. He is a young, self made millionaire from a little town in Australia, but I don’t want to spoil the story so I’ll let you watch it if you want.

Videos and guidance from the getting started section

Videos and guidance from the getting started section

The second video gets right into the meat of things, titled The Art and Science of Making High Ticket Commissions. It was recorded during the Home Business Summit. It explains how to look at high-ticket items and how they are sold. If you’re like me, you’ve never really sold a product worth several thousands of dollars, it can be intimidating but this explains how it works and it’s not as difficult as you might think.

The last video is the official Quick Start video by Matt. It echoes some of the introduction letter at the beginning of this section. It covers how the system flows, what to expect and how you’ll progress through it. How to get in touch with your coach and get access to the next step in the program.

You’ll also get access to the IM Revolution book by Matt and the last part in the getting started guide includes the contact information for your coach.

What’s next?

After you spend sometime going through the Getting Started guide, you need to take a few steps to get started.

Make sure you have Skype; most of the interactions with your coach will be through Skype so it is good to have it ready when you start.

Then you’ll need to get started with Step 1. Complete step 1, review the material and complete the assignment. This is how the rest of the program will go. Every third step or so, you’ll be meeting with your coach to review your progress and ask any questions you have.

After you complete all 21 steps you’ll get access to another section; I consider this section a bonus because it isn’t really advertised or mentioned. But you’ll get access to a 30 day traffic plan guide that will help you generate traffic for your business.

In conclusion

I found MTTB to be an outstanding program. It is completely packed with invaluable information that will set you apart. If you’ve tried other systems or programs before and you have had little or no results, MTTB is worth a look. The $49.00 application fee keeps away the people that just want free stuff so the coaches and team can really focus on you. It has a money back guarantee, and a success guarantee that can’t really be matched by anything else I found online.

I will be doing more reviews of the steps of MTTB, but if you want to check it out go here: My Top Tier Business.


  1. Srahya says


    I like to know whether I have to pay another 2k in order to complete the 21steps successfully. What if I can’t afford to pay the amount. What will happen,

    Please advice.

    • says

      Yes Srahya. You can complete all 21 steps without spending more than the application fee. That’s the whole point of the program. What happens then is that you’ll promote the affiliate products that pay 50% one time commissions to make money. You can then save up for a license where you can get up to 90% of the sales and the back-end sales.

      • Ken says

        Hi Oscar

        So i can start working with this program from just paying the $49 and make 50% commissions?
        Also do i need my own website to work the program or is it a program i can start and work with without my very own website?

        Thanx a mil for your time

        • says

          Ken, you can be an affiliate for MOBE without paying or buying anything, like most affiliate programs you just sign up and start making sales. And these are 50% commissions. The 49 is an application fee specifically for the 21 step training program (MTTB) that teaches you how to sell high ticket items, where to get traffic, etc.

  2. says

    Hey Oscar, thanks for this amazing review of My Top Tier Business. I’ve been a member (MOBE License Rights Program so far) of MTTB since around 2 months and I have already made a couple of MTTB sales. Aiming some MLR sales now. I hope I can do it.

  3. srinath says

    Hey Oscar

    I am from India and live in India. Will it be possible for me to be part of this program. Also I do not have a paypal a/c., will the commissions be paid directly to my bank account in India?


    • says

      The system uses ewallet for payouts so you can configure it to go to any bank account (I believe). But I’m not 100% sure. But I know we have people all over the world using the system and not everybody has paypal.

    • says

      The product? MTTB? My Top Tier Business is a 21 step program that guides you on making sales and commissions online with a more or less automated system. Each day there is 20 – 30 minutes of a video and lesson. You also get one on one coaching every few steps, the product is all that expert knowledge and information, Kim.

  4. Stephanie says

    This sound to good to be true? What are the 21 steps you have to complete before collecting money. I watch the video but it never said the steps or what kind of product or what do you sell or market?

    • says

      Stephanie, good question. Well, let me tell you that it is work and it isn’t too good to be true. Check out my What is MOBE post to learn a little bit more about it. —

      But the basics are these: MTTB is a 21 step training program. MOBE is the company that owns the MTTB program. The 21 step training program will teach you about selling and marketing products. The 21 step training with a coach one-on-one is technically free. The $49 dollar application fee is to keep lookers out. It is better if you are serious about starting a business online or want to grow what you already have in terms of revenue.

      The guarantee is pretty good, but it is not “too good to be true” Matt Lloyd, the owner believes in MTTB so much (and I do too). That he is offering you $500 cash if you follow all 21 steps of the program and don’t make $1000. He knows and I know that if you follow the steps, you will make that money. If half way through the 21 step program or earlier you decide it isn’t for you, you can ask for a refund and get your application fee back.

    • says

      I forgot to answer one thing. what do you sell or market? – You can sell or market over 40 products (I think.. or more) related to online marketing. Email marketing, lead generation, facebook, etc. You can also apply most of the training concepts towards other affiliate products in other niches if you already have something in the works.

      • Sara D says

        I saw you said there are 40 products thats you sell or promote?? Can you give me an idea of what type of products this would I be advertising??

          • says

            Hai Oscar,

            thanks for the sharing. can you share with me the product list? actually i’ve registed for MTTB, but yet to complete the 21 steps. on the same note, what is quality of the product that we are promoting?

            thanks in advance.


          • says

            Noor, you should be able to log into your affiliate panel to see the products. I can’t share the product list because it would take a long time right now, but I will be posting it in an upcoming blogpost. Just not right now. The quality of the products is good, You will promote whichever product you’d like, I’m focusing on a couple of them and I think the quality is good, but more importantly the quality of the information is outstanding.

          • Jon Luz says

            HI Ceyron:

            Did you apply at the $49.00 level, then $19.00 per month, after 30 days, or did you pay the $49.00 plus $2000.00 for the MOBE License?

            I would only be able to apply at the $49.00 level, until I saved enough to get the license at $2000.00

            Let me know ASAP!!!

            Thank you,


  5. Ceyron Hawthorne says

    Hi Oscar,

    Just out of curiosity, what kinds of questions will they ask you when you go to apply for the program?

      • Ceyron says

        So in other words, the questions that they will ask you when they are deciding whether or not to let you join, will be simple questions?

          • Ceyron says

            Okay, looks good. So just out of curiosity, in your first month, did you make the promised $1000, or did you not, and just continued with it because you believe in its potential. Or did you make more than $1000?

          • Ceyron says

            Wow, that’s pretty impressive. I am strongly considering applying. Since you were already apart of MOBE and already had experience, would you say that that played a factor in making that much money, as opposed to someone with much less experience.. Like I’m in college right now and would be able to do this a few hours during the week and on the weekend. Would I still be able to make the “$1000” with that amount of time put in.

          • says

            The only part that played a part on it was that I understand how internet marketing works a little more than. But if you were to follow the steps as they are, and follow the guidance, you should be able to make the $1000. But I would try to commit at least 2 hours/day and a few more on the weekend. — Like any other business, you’re going to get what you put in.

            Especially at first, you’ll be learning a lot and applying as you go. Overtime, the time you spend doing it will be reduced while your income increases because you learn to do things better, faster, and more effectively. Check out the new face of MTTB. Much better, and it is better explained. mttb application

            When you apply, give me a call or shoot me an email. I’ll give you a special bonus exclusive to my customers.

          • Ceyron says

            Yeah, I was planning to just apply at the start of winter break because I’ll have a month free so devoting the time to learn the system won’t be a problem. This will be in about two weeks, so I’ll let you know when i apply.

          • Ceyron says

            Yea so I just found out that the MOBE license is $2000…So if they’re saying that you can make $1000 in the first month essentially “for free” how are you supposed to get there if you have to pay for a ridiculously expensive license?!?!?? I don’t have that kind of money now and I won’t have it for a long time (as I thought I would be able to make that type of money with this program). Are you able to make any amount of money before you have to pay for this, like could you possibly earn money in the program to pay for the license? Because I mean, who has that type of money to invest in a new program?? I am still interested in the program as I haven’t seen another program online with the same prospects for making money, but if I have to pay for this crazy fee before making any money, that I won’t be able to do it….’

          • says

            Ceyron, yes, there is a 2000 license fee. Only if you want to take advantage of what the license offers. Without the license, you can be a regular affiliate and still make money. The commissions are less when you’re not a licensee, so yes, you can make $1000, and you can make good money even without a license, but it will be more work. You also don’t earn future commissions from your clients.

            You can complete all 21 steps and make money without being a licensee. Would I recommend it? Never, but it’s possible and doable, it just doesn’t make sense.

            And if you think about a business, a real business, you’ll understand that a $2000 license is nominal compared to the potential. Put it in perspective too, if you wanted to open up a store, you’d have to pay several licenses, you’d have to pay rent, you’d have to pay utilities, employees, and other fees and expenses before you even make a penny. It would cost you at least $35,000 to $100,000 to start a business. That makes the 2000 license really attractive to me, especially when you can make $1000 commissions with that license.

  6. Dream1234 says

    Oscar thanks for writing such a thorough review! I have been debating joining MTTB, ever since I received an email a couple weeks ago.

    So a little bit about myself, I am a college student and am limited on time and money. I have no sales or business experience. After reading about the program, and it seems like a great way to generate some income.

    As a student I would only be able to spend a few hours, maybe on weekends to try and make sales. Do you think that this program would work for me? I realize that it may take a lot of time to make sales. How many hours per week do you think I would have to put into MTTB?

    Thanks in advance for your time!

  7. Missunique Clark says

    Hi, would if you don’t have Skype or your phone support it?… I have internet. I’m really in need of money. And I love sales and marketing. But ok.use my money wisely to buy me equipment. To continue my work

  8. Jon Lutz says

    HI Oscar Gonzalez:

    I wanted to add this to my earlier comment and questions about MTTB Membership:

    I went to your MTTB Application link of, which took me here:

    Question: What is the bonus you’re offering if I signup through your link above, from your Blog at (My last comment, at 1:00 pm Mountain Time, on Wednesday, 12/11/2013, where you say this?:

    Oscar Gonzalez says

    December 3, 2013 at 11:02 AM

    The only part that played a part on it was that I understand how internet marketing works a little more than. But if you were to follow the steps as they are, and follow the guidance, you should be able to make the $1000. But I would try to commit at least 2 hours/day and a few more on the weekend. — Like any other business, you’re going to get what you put in.

    Especially at first, you’ll be learning a lot and applying as you go. Overtime, the time you spend doing it will be reduced while your income increases because you learn to do things better, faster, and more effectively. Check out the new face of MTTB. Much better, and it is better explained. mttb application

    When you apply, give me a call or shoot me an email. I’ll give you a special bonus exclusive to my customers.

    Thank you,

    Jon Lutz
    Promoter Power LLC
    Phone: 303-349-2922

    • says

      Hi Jon, the bonus is access to a membership website to help you with MTTB and your online business. It has additional very specific training created by John Chow and myself. Videos and tutorials you’ll find useful. Stand-alone access to that is about $997.

        • Jon Lutz says

          HI Ceyron:

          Since you signed up in the last week to week and a half, have you made back the $49.00 you spent originally?

          Just checking to see if you really like this MTTB Program so far?

          Thank you,

          Jon Lutz

          • Ceyron says

            No I haven’t made any money yet. It would be pretty impossible to make money before going through all the steps first. However, even after completing the steps, I don’t know how viable it is to make substantial income seeing that the methods of referring people are unclear (you can only be an affiliate if you don’t buy the license). I haven’t gotten through all the steps though but, so far I can’t really say how the program will go.

  9. Dhanu says

    Thanks for the review. and lot more share than a review.

    Do MTTB pay 50% commission if one is not paying 2k for license fee? I mean, if I make a sale, one sale, without paying 2k aa license fee, will I still get $1000 in commission? Can you please answer me? I think this is what everybody like me, who has no 2k to start up, is wants to be answered. If not what is the commission percent per sale?

    Thanks anyway

    • says

      Yes, 50% commissions are for regular affiliates without a license. In fact you can be a MOBE affiliate without buying anything. (I don’t recommend it because all you give up). So you could just be an affiliate and promote the products, like any other affiliate program, you’ll get a front end commission of 50%.

  10. Jon Lutz says

    HI Oscar:

    Question 1. Will your MTTB package, at link, which leads to, be available after the first of the year, say Thursday, 1/2/2014, or Monday, 1/6/2013? The reason I ask this, is because I’m sure I want to start MTTB from your Application link on Monday, 1/6/2014, to start fresh after the first of the year

    Question 2. Will your bonus of access to a membership website to help you with MTTB and your online business. It has additional very specific training created by John Chow and myself. Videos and tutorials you’ll find useful. Stand-alone access to that is about $997, still be available then?

    Question 3. Will I be able to make enough ($1000 or more) with MTTB alone, to save up for the $2000 license for MOBE (My Online Business Empire), in commissions for Affiliate Products?

    Let me know ASAP

    Thank you,

    Jon Lutz
    Email: *****

    • says

      Hi Jon,

      1, 2, Yes.
      3. Totally up to you, it’s a lot of work without the license, but it’s doable. Some of my earlier comments and responses on this post talk about that.

  11. Greg Otero says

    I noticed in the video you have on this page that the person fee is $49 and I heard no mention of a $19 monthly fee after 30 days. Is this $19 fee per month waived if we sign up using your link? pleas reply. thank you

  12. Toni says

    I have been checking out the business and want to know more specific lyrics at what point in your start up did you obtain the 2000 license. Also you stated if we were to join under you that the monthly fee could be waived as you had other bonus’s.

  13. Anubhav says

    Hi oscar,

    i am newbie in blogging world and even don.t know even a penny about aff. Marketing.

    If i spend my $49 in mttb from my pocket.
    Does it work for me?
    Does i make $1000 in first month?

    I am college going student still i am ready to give 3 hours daily after midnight but please tell me that does i make.

    Plz… Tell me

    • says

      I think I more or less answered that already, but here we go. If you buy MTTB, you can promote the sub 2000 products and make 50% commissions on the front sale. Just like a regular affiliate to any or most affiliate programs. Prices start at $10, and go up. But if you want to sell rights, and licenses which make the highest paid commissions then you need to have a license as well. It’s like selling a few products, or representing a brand. You get more, but you pay more. If you hustle, yes, you could make 1000, but now, the guarantee is that you’ll make your first sale in 30 days. Much better and direct with a goal. There are so many ways to make $1000! Now, you can focus on that first sale, then take it from there.

  14. frank says

    Oscar, i’ve recently seen the video of Matt describing the MTTB. I really like it and just want a little more info. You say that by not buying the licence it is a little harder work to get the commissions. I understand that you get the second tier commissions when buying the licence.
    Basically my question is, do you still get the same one on one coaching if you dont purchase the licence?

    • says

      Hi Frank, the coaching is actually part of MTTB so you get that just by joining for $49.00 it’s part of the 21 day step program and the 30 day traffic guide.

  15. Omar says


    What do you mean by you don’t have to continue paying the 19,99 monthly fee?


    • says

      I don’t know where I said that Omar, but it’s like anything, if you don’t like the product or don’t want to continue to use it, you can call or email and cancel the monthly membership.

          • Omar says

            I was about to until I found out that half way through the 21 steps you have to purchase a license. I understand that you need to invest in an online business the same way as any business, and the 2k is a small investment for the apparent commissions you receive. My only 2 problems is that this should be mentioned on his website ( sales pitch – or even after that), plus there is no mention of paying 19,99 per month after you pay the 49,99. I might be missing something but that does not get me excited about the program when all these essential facts are missing. I could care less about the 500 refund fee, as I actually was interested and wanted to be a long time earner/member, but the above disappointed me when it was not clearly mentioned.

          • says

            Well, when we want to see the negatives, then we will. Does Mercedes Benz tell you that you have to fill up the tank every 300 miles? Or do they tell you that the 299/month price you saw on tv is actually a lease, requires 3999.00 down and you can expect to pay another 4 to 5 k upon return of the vehicle at the end if the lease? You have to wash the car too, and do maintenance right?

            But dobthey tell you this up front? No… first lesson of marketing. Sell the sizzle not the steak. Once you understand the benefits and they are right, price is much less important because you know you will derive value greater than the sticker price.

            The 19 monthly is shown in the application process and I could be mistaken but I think it is mentioned in the video. And you certainly do not have to buy the 2k license if you don’t want to. You can do the 21 steps and the 30 day traffic without buying a license.

            It certainly is not for everyone, but it is for you if you’re interested in making 1k to 8k comissions online. Oh yeah, the 8k comissions aren’t mentioned either until you are in the program. You probably have seen 1, 3, and 5k comissions. But not 8k. Why? Because it isn’t the right time to tell you that. Same thing with the points you think are a negative.