What does MTTB stand for?

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MTTB, what is it? If you’ve seen this word floating around the internet, you should know, that’s an acronym. MTTB stands for My Top Tier Business. But what is it? MTTB is a crash course on entrepreneurship online. The program which I reviewed here before, is comprised of 21 steps to help you learn how to sell high ticket items online.

I keep seeing people asking on Facebook and Twitter: what is MTTB? So I thought I’d give you the definition of MTTB. Since it’s not really a word, it can’t be defined, but like I mentioned before, it is an acronym.

I’m part of MTTB and the system works wonders. Really, from all the stuff I do online to make money, MTTB and the other products in the MOBE catalog make me the most money. I can blog, tweet and promote affiliate offers all day long and at the end of a week, after dozens of sales from all kinds of affiliate products, a single sale of a MOBE product will trump all the other sales. It’s amazing.

$1000 per sale? Don’t mind if I do. Ha! So anyway, if you’re interested on learning more about MTTB, head on over here to watch a short video.