2013 In Review for me

Lots of apps and services have a year-in-review type of service. With 2013 over and done with, I thought as I plan out 2014, that it would be a good idea to look back at some of the successes and some of the lessons to be learned, here are some of the apps and the stuff that highlights 2013.

I found a few things to comment on about and share with you.

Here's my WordPress report as done by Jetpack. Mind you this is missing about 6 months of data since I didn't have Jetpack installed the whole year.

Notagrouch.com in 2013 - by WordPress.com (jetpack) This is a cool active display of some intersting statistics about my website according to Jetpack, they're pretty cool and you can get your own too.

I found that personally I stopped checking in to places as much. Not so much for privacy reasons, but it just seems like nobody cares about check-ins anymore. And maybe it is just that we are over it here in the States. Look, globally, we only have one location in the top 20 checked in  locations in Facebook. Is it just because we're outnumbered?

I'll still check-in occasionally to Foursquare or Yelp, but it is very rare. 2014, I will get back into it, there are always fans that stick around and maybe it's a little bit more organized now that initial wave of excitement is over and it's more mainstream. I hear a lot of changes coming for location based "stuff".

Also finally on Highlight, it took them a while to get it for Android so I had almost forgotten about. So far though I'm only finding stale data from people that got it and used it but quit using it. Most of their data is 10 months+ old.

On Twitter, here's my "Year in Review by Vizify" -- Mostly unedited, I just added a few more pictures & tweets to the standard one they're making right now. You can find them at Vizivy.com. or you can just watch the video:

Here are the highlighted points in the video:

  • The launch of Real Free Website
  • Dinner for my wife's Birthday
  • Image for my Evernote tutorial
  • I tweet about #OrangeCounty because I feature my favorite twitter people from #OrangeCounty
  • #30DBC is a tag used for my Blogging group in Facebook. But we haven't used  it much recently. I will bring it back!
  • #WordPress of course, because it is awesome
  • Yup, I tweet almost 24x7 I do sleep occasionally, Seems like 2am-ish is when I tweet the most when late.
  • Vine of my awesome daughter @WaterClaire at about 5 months old
  • Turns out I'm an introvert... and I knew that somehow because breaking out of my shell into a social outgoing person you meet at events has been a struggle for me. More here at 23 Signs You're Secretly An Introvert.
  • At the Pageant of the Monsters, thanks to @TedNguyenUSA!
  • 13 Stories that Made Your Day and Broke The Internet.
  • With my Wife hanging out and I'm wearing my #FLFOC t-shirt
  • A tweet about podcasting. Basically don't sweat it, Get WordPress, add a couple of plugins, record your podcast, done!
  • Another shot with my daughter.
  • My Top 3 Followers... this reflects the past few months only. @MadHungryWoman, @JohnChow & @LivinLime - Thank  you guys!
  • And my top "Golden" tweet, a tweet about Video Genesis, a product I promoted and made me a whole whopping $0!

In general all my numbers (raw numbers) grew significantly. Also my business grew to new levels and continues to grow. This is the focus for 2014. Thanks for hanging out, don't forget to subscribe or follow!

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