#ASW15 Email Marketing Presentation with Jeremy Schoemaker aka Shoemoney

Shoemoney dishing out the value of his email talk. Affiliate Summit is the place to be if you are in the internet marketing world.

The first day was packed with huge talent and amazing information. These are some of the key points from Jeremy Schoemaker presentation.

Collect email leads on your site. Period.

There are a few ways of doing it and they all depend on your business and business model. There are three basic options.

Jeremy Schoemaker schooling Affiliate Summit in the art of email marketing
Jeremy Schoemaker schooling Affiliate Summit in the art of email marketing


  • Intrusive A gate page. This is a page you can install on your blog or website that prevents visitors from looking at anything until they have joined the email list. This service will do it for you Leadpages.
  • Inline lead generation. Place your sign up form within the top of the fold on the page itself designed into the content. This system can do it for you: Optinmonster.
  • Pop-ups - Popups are very controversial but the ones that are the most effective are the intelligent action based pop-ups like the exit intent from Optinmonster.

The email list is like an ATM. After you create a list and you nurture it, it really can be like an ATM where you go to make a withdrawal.

Provide amazing value, case studies, good downloads, and the subscribers will feel like they have received value and are indebted to you.

Pain, potential, and proof. Is Shoemoney's business philosophy when it comes to email marketing. This is how its broken down:

Pain - explain the pain and what they're missing WITHOUT this product.
Potential is what you could do with this product
The proof is the testimonials and good reviews, etc.

DON'T send image-only emails. Don't measure with open rates and click rates look for deliverability instead. A good way to test for this is to create multiple accounts in various systems and test if the email gets there.

Some of the links he mentioned: