Audi R8

Check out this awesome car. I love Audis, always have, and I can only wish I can own one of these one day. Unfortunately with a price tag of $130,000 or more, this is way beyond reach from us mere mortals.

R8 picture from

Here are a couple videos.

[youtube n0I_jpCIDco]

This one has a touch of promotional flare, and you don't get to see it much. It was made when the Audi was brought to NY city last year.

[youtube 8mwyLX7IYyI]

A picture slideshow and video showing a lot of cool stuff about the car.

[youtube 84EQeb-4rvk]

This is a really well done video by Winding Road Magazine. The engine sounds so mean.

Here's a great review of the car with tons of pictures and more information.