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If you've followed me on Twitter, and sometimes here, you might know that I've been working with several Bloggers that happen to be Moms. I don't know how it all started, but these mommybloggers are dominating the blogsphere. They are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to buzz, opinion, market trends and stuff like that.

Blogging isn't new, but "mommybloggers" are and thus a lot of the little niches that could be developed aren't quite there yet. For example, in the fitness category, I could not find a lot of bloggers that dedicate their writing to running. I decided to put a little list together with some fitness related Blogs written by Moms. Check them out:
Lisa runs, and says about

is a blog about health and fitness for moms. Being a mom requires that you work 24/7 for someone other than yourself, so finding time to exercise and stay healthy is a challenge. I’m here to help you with that challenge and to keep you motivated and on task. It CAN be done!
Janice is the author and she writes about various topics. She has been blogging since 2004 so she knows her way around the interwebs. It seems that she doesn't run as much as she'd like.

at the time this blog began back in 2004 I was a running mother-to-be, training for a 1/2 marathon. Part way through the pregnancy running became too uncomfortable for me leading me to slowly back off on my running. Now a days “Mom On The Run” is a reflection of how busy life has become caring for 2 completely adorable, yet “spirited” little girls while my hubby travels A LOT for business, though I do still run on occasion.
I personally know this author and after a long time of thinking about it, she finally decided to start a blog, and went live with her site earlier this year. She's written about running, swimming and a few things about the gear she uses. She's ran a few marathons and at couple of Ironman races. She's tough and she's here to share her endurance and long distance running experiences with other Moms and anyone that is interested in this. She writes:

full time working mom of 2 boys and 1 step-son. I used to do marathons and Ironman Triathlons, but that was when i was in my 20’s (and no kids 🙂 ). I am now trying to get back into shape and add training into my already hectic life….. and it is a challenge.
Rachel (Fit Mom) writes: Do what you can, when you can to stay fit, healthy and sane. That is exactly what her blog is about. A local to Southern California she writes about her fitness journey, involving yoga, running and general well being, she even has a store selling some of the products she recommends.

Passions include yoga, trail running, cycling, cooking and reading...
Together with some of my truly amazing fit mom friends, I focus on getting a workout in with kids or without!

I wanted to give you like 10 new sites all by Mommybloggrs that are into fitness, but truth be told I couldn't find a whole lot. If you know any that I didn't list or would like to add yours, just leave it in the comments. I'll be happy to add it to the list.

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