December #30DBC Kicked off today but still no Claire.

We had a great turnout for our last Blogging challenge. During november we had about 20 - 25 people participate. I'm still counting the total number of posts and doing some reporting on them but roughly we should have about 600 new posts that were created during this challenge. I think the reality is that we less than 400. I think that is still pretty huge for something that started between Cliff and I and was supposed to just be a "thing to do." I never thought it would become what it has.

To all of you that joined the December challenge, Welcome! I can't wait to read your blogs and get to know you better.

I'm very excited to be kicking off the 2nd challenge. December will be tougher than November I think because of the holidays. But it should warm everyone up for January's challenge. That should be very exciting. I'm seeking sponsors and volunteers to help running that next time. If you're interested, let me know. I need sponsors, curators, and of course bloggers that want to participate.

Imagine, if we do the next 12 moths, that means you have an opportunity to blog every day during 2013. That is really powerful. It will set your blog apart from everyone else's.

In other notes...

On a more personal note, today was the official due date for Claire to arrive. Helen's feeling just fine, but no signs of Claire yet. It is not uncommon for the first child to be a little bit late, so we're now on high-alert baby watch. We can't wait.

Helen joined my blogging class, and her goal for blogging is to write to Claire as she grows up. She's going to write on Claire's website under the Parent's Journey topic. I might write over there once in a while as well. We debated on the name "Parent's Journey" vs "Letters to Claire" and ultimately we went with Parent's Journey.

Oh yeah and I made these for the Holidays...


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  2. Thank you for this opportunity. I’m getting much more out of this than I expected. It’s pushing me to write for myself everyday (vs. writing for work which is not the same kind of writing.) It’s also allowed me to e-meet a lot of amazing people. Successful writers are often asked what aspiring writers should do to become successful, and their advice is always the same: 1) Write every day; 2) Read – A LOT! The #30DBC provides the opportunity for both. Thank you for this “little thing” you and Cliff started.

  3. Janet Stephenson (@JanetLouise8)
    Janet Stephenson (@JanetLouise8)

    I love the title, “Parent’s Journey”. It will appeal to a wider audience and translate into more readers for you! 🙂

    Thanks for hosting these blogging challenges. I got 26 out of 30 posts made, which is a major increase for me.

    Looking forward to reading about Claire’s arrival!

    • You are welcome Janet! you did much better than I did! I think I did 20 not counting all the other writing I did. I’m going for all 30 this time.

  4. Well Claire must not be ready and sitting nice and cozy waiting for the day to meet you two. That’s awesome that Helen will be blogging. She’ll in time, build her own blogging style and find what, about her relationship with Claire she’ll become passionate about. I’ll pray for both of you and Claire’s healthy arrival.

    • You’re right. She’s already taking after me and deciding to do things on her own time and schedule. Thank you for the kind words, you’re so nice.

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