Terry Lamb and John Chow

The Dot Com Lifestyle Personified with Terry Lamb

This is Terry Lamb, I mentioned him on a previous post. But I wanted to share a quick video I shot with him about his new adventure. Terry has packed up and is on the go, living the Dot Com Lifestyle. He's making tons of money online, and he can do it whenever he wants. But that's only two parts of the Dot Com Lifestyle motto, so what's the third? Eh, just watch the video.


And no, you don't have to already be making money online to start living the Dot Com Lifestyle, all it takes is determination, a plan and execution. Oh yeah and good guidance. So stick around, subscribe or leave comments here to join me in living the Dot Com Lifestyle. Work anywhere, work anytime and do whatever you want with your time & money.

A good way to get started is by downloading the eBook, The Ultimate Online Profit Model, available free here.

Terry Lamb and John Chow

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