Dropbox just gave me almost 50 GB of free storage.

Thanks Dropbox, I can't say it enough. Not only is your app one of the best ever, you keep taking the user experience to a new level every time!

In case you aren't using Dropbox, you should be. Check out what they just gave me:


Pretty sweet! This brings my total of FREE dropbox space to 65.75 Gigs.

You may be wondering why I rave about Dropbox? Well, it's free for one! Two, their customer experience and perks are awesome. Who else gives you almost 70GB of free cloud storage? But beyond that, it is so useful and practical that I use it everyday several times a day. Here are some of my favorite uses for dropbox.

  • Automatically saves my photos from my phone to my other devices, iPad, desktop and laptop.
  • Allows me to share any file or folder with anyone, instantly.
  • Can help me get a prior version of a file. In case I accidentally erased part of a document or botched up a picture or something.
  • Acts as a backup and cloud storage for my most important files.
  • I use it to get photos and post them to Instagram, even when I took the photos with my DSLR.

Each one of those bullet points could probably have its own blogpost but let's just say for now that you should be using Dropbox and if you aren't, well, I don't know what to tell ya. You just don't get it.

If you want to give it a try, visit Dropbox and get a free account today.

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