ERGObaby Carrier Galaxy Gray. First Looks

In this quick video I show you one of the coolest things we got as a gift for Claire Gonzalez. This is the ERGObaby carrier, Galaxy Gray. At the time when I recorded it Claire was too small to fit into it. now she is a little bigger and that she can actually use this, but I haven't had a chance to do an updated video. I will have to do that soon in the meantime check out this video.

The product is great overall it is of good quality, feels sturdy. I did some research in this sense to be the best of the best out there for this kind of thing. I recommend you check it out.


  1. Madeline Laughs
    Madeline Laughs

    Great gift idea!

    • It was a great gift Madeline. The only thing is, we still can’t use it with Claire because it’s too big for her. Hopefully in a few weeks or a month.

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