First post at

So today is the first post on the new domain. I haven't decided if I'll bring any of the posts over from my old site. I have a new direction in how I'm going to blog and maybe I don't need all the old articles, most of them have very little original value and a lot of them are reposts of news, videos and other interesting tidbits I've found over time.

Muychingon is going to remain silent for sometime, but it will eventually, and hopefully sooner than later serve as my microblogging hub. I think of it as my own personal feeder site, I'm not quite sure how I'm going to do that but I think that's where it is going. Unfortunately I'm thinking that the readership will drop to nil and it will become yet another would be blog, that's okay it should still serve my purpose which I will reveal later. If  you're one of the few loyal readers, come follow me here now.

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