Follow up to my post last night

As a follow up to my post last night. I am no 100% sure that a murder took place since it was only the people stuck outside of the neighborhood that told me this. However I drove by the area this morning. The police have opened the road back up so I was able to go into the neighborhood and check things out. A portion of a street is completely cordoned off with police tape and the entire area is crawling with cops.

The cop that was guarding the section I approached had the typical standoff attitude of Irvine cops and didn't appreciate me taking pictures it seemed. Oh well, he'll get over it. The fact that there are so many cops around tells me that something big definitely happened. If someone did die I feel bad for the families. Its a tragedy that nobody should go through.

I say that this is "big" just because we are in Irvine, nothing ever seems to happen around here --and I kind of like it that way-- so when something like this happens it is a big deal. At least to me.

Well Anyway, I'll probably drive by again after work and see how things are progressing. I took pictures that are pretty clear this morning... but I'll wait a little while before posting them.