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I went through some music phases when I was growing up. Who didn't? I had a Tom Petty phase, and as I mentioned in a previous post, I guessed that lots of people had remade Free Fallin. I think I was wrong.

There's a new recent recording by John Mayer which is good, but besides that and tons of amateurs ((Exhibit A. youtube 1. Exhibit B. youtube 2.)) trying to cover the legendary song, there haven't been many good or major artists covering this song. I wonder why.

Here's a few interesting versions I found.

If you're taken to a youtube video, you know what to do, if you're taken to a look for the little play link under the title of the song, and directly above "ITUNES"
shown in red in the picture below.

Free Fallin (indie rock cover). I don't know who it is, I found it on
Free Fallin - Cover by John Mayer

But that's it. I expected to find maybe three or four more. Do you know of any other major musicians that have covered Free Fallin by Tom Petty?

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