Going With Cloth Diapers. Clearly The Better Choice. – Day 25 #30DBC

/ / Going With Cloth Diapers. Clearly The Better Choice. – Day 25 #30DBC
Additional Information from Cottonbabies in our first diapers shippment

Most of our friends have given us suspicious and disapproving looks when we mentioned we are going  to use cloth diapers for Claire Elise. Maybe people are uninformed or their surprise is based on initial disgust. I don't care which one it is, but it is proven than cloth diapers are better compared to their disposable counterparts in more than one way. Cloth diapers could be disgusting to a lot of parents and a lot of people in general, and I can't say I wasn't squeamish about it at first.

Then I realized, I'm going to have to deal with this whether I like it or not, so I might as well make the best out of it and cloth diapers are better despite what the naysayers may have you believe.

  • Disposable diapers are less expensive in the long run. Significantly less expensive.
  • Disposable diapers are healthier for the baby. No chemicals, they dry better.
  • They seem to work more efficiently. Most of the parents I've talked to that tried both said they had almost no rashes and only one explosion or no explosions at all with cloth diapers.
  • Washing them is not a big deal. First you wash them, later you flush them first then wash them.
  • They're better for the environment.
Amongst the crowd of people that are ready to give me advice about parenting, I have two friends who have actually used cloth and disposable diapers. I trust their advice quite a bit so we pretty much made up our minds. We also know that in occasion we may have to use a disposable diaper. The convenience of disposable diapers is unquestionable so they'll come in handy when someone is babysitting, or we go on a long trip.

So anyway, yes, we are going to use cloth diapers for now. And we received the first shipment of them. We didn't want to buy a whole big set of one brand or model until we're happy with them so we order a small shipment first. This we ordered from Cotton Babies.

Cotton Babies is the company that makes BumGenius, Flip and Econobum. We are starting our "diaper experience" with the Flip system. So far it is our favorite. We prefer the snap buttons over the velcro option because the buttons feel safe and locked when you use them. In the other hand, I know how velcro wears out over time and stops working.

When we ordered what you see in the video below, we got 2 diapers, and two six-packs of inserts. Cotton Babies considers two diaper packs and a six-pack of cotton inserts a "starter pack" called Flip Day Pack, but to be on the safe side, we ordered another six-pack of inserts. This put our total over $49 and Cotton Babies had a special at the time where they'd give you another diper cover for free. All in all we got three diaper covers and 12 inserts for $74 including shipping.

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