*UPDATE* *FOUND* – Help Me Find my Missing Dog Picasso #Tustin #NorthTustin

[box type="alert"]UPDATE *** Picasso was found. The nice owners from Saddleback Animal Hospital in Tustin found him and kept him for us overnight. He is now back home! Thank you everyone![/box]

My buddy Picasso is missing. Yesterday he left the house and didn't come back. I asked around the neighborhood and posted flyers and all that stuff. Apparently someone may have picked him up with hopes of finding his home. He is microchipped but we haven't heard anything yet.

If you are in Tustin California, in the North Tustin, Tustin Foothills, North Hills, and that area by Foothill Highschool I'd appreciate it if you could ask your neighbors and pass this post around. Maybe the power of sharing in facebook and twitter and with Google we can find him.


  • Picasso
  • Beige Terrier
  • 15-20 pounds
  • Fresh shave so he doesn't look too scruffy.
  • Call the number in the picture if you have info
  • Call 949 459 3571
  • Or Contact me via this website

I hope you can help me if you're in the area. He has more pictures on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/picasso.gonzalez


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  1. I’m so glad your story had a happy ending, Oscar! I bet Picaso is glad, too.

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