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This post isn't about tacos. Well, it is, but not about tacos like you think, not tacos like you see on Instagram.

Well, scratch that too. Because you see this on Instagram too.

This is about how you sell your product.

Specifically tacos.

(I thought you said this wasn't about tacos)

Let me just tell you. I went to Taste of Huntington Beach. I've been telling you about it for almost 6 months now.

It was awesome.

Cover photo of the person in the video with superimposed gold chains like a "Thug Life" scene. Next to her there is a taco image with the words taco life written on it.
How To Sell Tacos, or anything, really.

Here's the full video from the Taste of HB event. But I want to talk about one specific person that I captured in the video, she's around the 8:30 time stamp.

But she was interesting, so she even got her own video with a Taco Life ending --a play on the Thug Life meme. That's video is below.

This is the representative from Sol Cocina and Solita Tacos.

This girl --I need to find her name if I'm going to keep bringing her up-- has an unrelenting enthusiasm to sell you tacos.

Yes, I know, this is a food festival. Yes, I know, she's supposed to do that. Yes I know, people are already in line. And yes, I know the food is free. Yes, I know.

(no, food is not really free, but included in the price of admission, so kinda, right?)

But this is still an excellent example of a great representative of the brand, a good ambassador that is committed to the brand.

A good ambassador that knows the product! On a recent video, I talked about this a little bit.

An ambassador doing a perfect job, to make you excited about what's coming.

Even though the line is long because people love the product and they're talking about it already, she's still selling it, she's still highlighting its strengths, the benefits.

Then she tells you what to do.

Get a taco.

For now, watch the video:

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