Four of the best purchases I’ve ever made

I have a list of things I really like and I've bought over time. I don't want to bore you telling you about all of them, but here are the top four that come to mind right now.

Apple MacBook Pro.

I've never had a computer stay relevant with me for this long. And I can still upgrade ram and hard drive to get another year or so out of it. In fact, I'm due to upgrade it to 4GB and maybe I'll get a 1/2 terabyte drive for it. Then, it will probably sell for around 500 - 900 bucks. Try doing that with any pc-based laptop. I dare you.

Electric razor.

Long gone are the days of expensive replacement blades. I charge this guy up and I can go a week without needing another charge, sometimes even a few more days (I haven't gotten the guts to wait until it dies lest it leaves me half-way shaved on my way to work). I also can shave anywhere that may be socially acceptable, i.e. my car. Some people would say it isn't actually acceptable to do this in the car, but whatever.This is one of the ONLY ways a man can actually multi-task ((There are only a few, really. That's a post for another day though)).

The Juicer

The juicer I bought last year has been one of the most used appliances in my house. I use it anywhere from three days a week up to multiple times a day. I love it. Not only are the health benefits amazing, but using it is fun and some of my friends even think it could be therapeutic. It feels great grinding some fruits and vegetables to a pulp after a stressful day!. I've had many juicers before, but this is the best I've found so far, the Jack LaLane's Juicer Pro.

My Honda Element

This is the most practical car I've ever owned. I think its great. I liked it first because it was different, it has a look like you haven't seen before and after sometime it really grows on you. Dubbed "the toaster" by many, the Element is an extremely practical car. I've moved twice with it; packed enough firewood to last me for two winters; been camping with it; been to Las Vegas, Northern California and all along the coast in it. I love the fact that I can pack tons of stuff on it to move around, the two seats in the back make it very comfortable for passengers. Its extremely reliable and can be cleaned very quickly and easy --although you're not supposed to hose it-- as some people would have you believe. I can even sleep in it if I want. By far, the best car I've owned.

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