John, Thank you for the pass to #ASW13

/ / / John, Thank you for the pass to #ASW13

Thank-you-john-chow-20130113_002657I've had a great time at #ASW13 -- this is my first time here but it is clear that I will be back. So thanks again John Chow for the pass to the event, the parties, dinner and introductions. This was the bomb. Now it's time to make money!

First thing is to adjust some of my strategy. Syed's tips for's new project were right on the money. The guy is a kid but knows his stuff and is pretty damn smart.

Second is to launch. We need to launch so we're going to kick it into gear and get the product out as soon as possible.

All along I have a new book to read, Shoemoney's book. I'll let you know how that is when I'm done.

I'm also going to try to have a meeting of the minds with Jaxon from Hootsuite. He's made a very kind and generous offer that I must take up.

So much more to tell you, so little time.

Thanks again John, this was awesome.

John Chow Sleeping

John Chow, Peng Joon and me

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