Letterkenny Problems [video] #ROFL

/ / Letterkenny Problems [video] #ROFL

For today's Neat Stuff I found, I bring you Letterkenny Problems. And it's pretty damn funny. Turns out that Letterkenny is in Franklin County, Pennsylvania and it's named after a city in Ireland. And then to make things even more confusing, Letterkenny in Ireland has Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania as its sister city.

This is obviously a parody in and around the whole "first world problems" memes. By the way, I ran into a campaign surrounding the whole #firstworldproblems tag. Did you see it? it's not so funny and it really kind of puts things in perspective. I'll share it on the next neat stuff I found post.

In any case, this video made me crack up. I thought you'd like it too.

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