links for 2008-10-14

  • Who would have thought that you could redesign the bookcase?
    Check these out, they arre "broken shelves" a different approach to giving your books a new home, the different angles and locations for the shelves allow for books of all sizes to fit into the spaces, much more so than a regular bookshelf approach for "one size fits all"

    They seem to be modular and one of the modules lets you actually sit and read inside the shelves. Very interesting, although probably not good for a person of my size.

    Interesting shelves for sure, and if you think about it, you could even make these yourself. Hmm... do I smell a new project?

    (tags: redesign design books shelving shelves bookcase storage home furniture woodworking)
  • Awesome funny video. I love progress bar.
    (tags: video spoof review progressbars)