links for 2008-10-15

  • Home of the Linux mp3 players project page. There's a lot of information here about hacking linux for small embedded devices. Also includes information on hardware, video display, input etc. You can build your own mp3 player based on the documentation found around here.

    These documents and links also are great if you're working with a restricted linux system.

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  • I found this older post on stumbleupon. I knew about three of the countries mentioned here, the other two were new to me. Its very intersting to read through all the different facts and figures...

    Did you know for example that the Vatican doesn't have a single street address?

    Check it out sometime.

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  • I read this on the Prosper blog this morning. Very interesting development, Is this following suit for that other site that's doing loans as well? I forgot the name at the moment...

    Until we complete the registration process, we will not accept new lender registrations or allow new commitments from existing lenders. If you’re an existing lender, your current lender agreements will be unaffected; your existing loans will continue to be serviced; you’ll be able to track and monitor your loans; and you’ll be able to withdraw funds from your Prosper account.

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