links for 2008-10-16

  • The author of the Knoppix system recovery guide I saved from IBM is Carla Schroder. This is one of her many sites. Take a minute to read it, its really short. She has a lot of good information on Windows and Linux, distributed amongst a few sites and books.

    She authored the Linux Networking Cookbook, and is a strong linux advoacte often found at -- I didn't even know existed. As the name suggests, its all about linux with a flare for women.

    (tags: tutorial scripting linux books CarlaSchroder sysadmin resources)
  • IBM has a great article about Knoppix in their library. I constantly come back to it as reference point for many Knoppix related tasks. If you're in need of some place to start with knoppix, this may be good for you.

    It mainly focuses on system recovery, but some of the links, documentation and references apply to general Knoppix use. The main reason I looked at this today was to read about differnent ways to test a hard disk with this live cd.

    (tags: sysadmin rescue recovery knoppix system backup linux documentation reference guide howto)
  • One of the examples I found on how to use bonnie++
    (tags: benchmark linux hardware stresstest)