Mobile Video Recording Tip – #Movember 1

/ / Mobile Video Recording Tip – #Movember 1

In case I didn't tell you or you didn't notice, I'm doing Movember. This time I started earlier and unknowingly "cheated" the whole thing.

But in this case I don't care. The point of #movember is to bring awareness to the cause. #Movember stands for the month of men's health issues like prostate cancer, testicular cancer and other men-centric illness.

November also happens to be the month to celebrate and note many other things, for example, the American Diabetes Association designated November as National Diabetes Month.

Let's not forget about Thanksgiving too.

Well, in spirit of the #Movember movement and to fulfill a 90 day video challenge I'm doing, here is #Movember video 1.

This is a tip about how to record your videos when you use your mobile device, like an iPhone or Android device. You probably are doing it wrong, just by looking at the youtube videos out there I would guess that you have made this mistake more than once.

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