Murderer on the run, in Irvine.

(edit. there has been no murder yet... only a shooting).

The Irvine Police Department has blocked the entrance to an entire neighborhood. Entrance to The Raquet Club has been blocked by numerous patrols and other IPD vehicles. They are all searching for a suspect in a recent murder case. After talking to the stranded residents outside of the neighborhood I learned of rumors that there was an attempted muder but a second murder actually took place. About 2 hours ago an ambulance left with lights and sirens on. Apparently one of the victims was in the ambulance headed for emergency treatment. The residents have been turned away for the past 2 hours or more as they approach any of 3 main road entrances along Culver Drive and Bryan Avenue. The cops did not want to comment as to the status of the search or when the residents may be allowed back in. For now, all they say is the road is closed... keep on moving. I also watched 3 or 4 vehicles leave the neighborhood after what looked like a rigorous search of the interior of each vehicle.

And I thought I lived in the safest city in the country. Well it used to be I guess. This is litterally less than a block away from my house. I took a few pictures of the cops, they're kind of boring and not very good since it is pretty much pitch black out there. It is now midnight.