My brief encounter with the KFC Double Down.

Back in April, I gave into temptation and I made my way to KFC. I was in the hunt for the KFC Double Down. If you're not sure what that is, let me tell you. Its a sandwich made out of two chicken filets, notice I said "made out of" not made with. What this means is that the KFC Double Down has two chicken pieces act as the bread, inside you have 3 ingredients. The two pieces of chicken hold --with the help of the Colonel's sauce-- cheese and bacon. That's it, chicken, sauce, cheese and bacon.

With that said, who could resist? I knew you all could and would so I did you a favor and went down to try it myself. Just so you wouldn't have to.

Let me tell you that this isn't good for you, but it isn't good for you the same way any kind of fried-with-cheese-and-bacon type of food isn't good for you. Many people scoffed at the idea of this masterpiece, many others balked at how gross it must be. Don't you worry, they're just jealous they didn't come up with this delicious combination of fatty proteins with sauce. That day (when I took those pictures) was the day I tried the double down and the last time I have one I think. The only thing bad about it was that soon after my last bite, I had a sip of my iced cold drink. Why is that bad? Do you know what happens to fat when it cools of really fast while its in your mouth? Yeah, it gets stuck to the inside of your mouth, everywhere and gives you a pretty gross feeling. That happened to me and it brought the whole experience down a couple of notches.

The flavors were awesome, in a fast food kind of way. Salty and crispy, the bacon blended in nicely with the melted cheese. The Colonel's sauce was a bit too much, but it was tasty as well, the chicken would have been better with the crispy batter as opposed to the original but it was still juicy and succulent. Don't eat fast food kids, it isn't good for you. Let me do it instead.

I had to try it, for the same reason I've tried all the previous novelty items at KFC, delTaco and other fast food chains. Trying out weird and new stuff at fast food places is a secret addiction which I should have included in my 100 things you didn't know about me post. It was delicious, and yes it has a lot of salt, and yes it has a lot of fat, but I don't eat either one of those two things very often. I think I've cut my fast food intake to less than once per month.

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