The New Marlboro Brand Face #JEFFWECAN

/ / The New Marlboro Brand Face #JEFFWECAN

#JEFFWECAN Says John Oliver and I'm all for this!

Check this out.

In case you're in a hurry, I will summarize the video in a few sentences.

In typical John Oliver fashion, this is an investigative piece revealing some unsettling situations. I love how these various controversial topics are presented by John and his team.

This time the focus is the shitty company Phillip Morris International. The clip talks about the legal action that PMI has taken against various countries, including Australia, Uruguay and Togo to name a few.

Philip Morris by the way, had to rebrand itself to the "Altria group" to try to avoid all the crap they've done for the past 60+ years. Don't be deceived by this "reboot" of their name. (not in the video btw).

PMI sued Australia and lost, but somehow they used that loss to threaten Togo. Brilliant display of corporate international bullying.

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