#Autoawesome Invitation to Meetups in Irvine

/ / #Autoawesome Invitation to Meetups in Irvine

Visit our weekly meetups in Irvine. We have weekly lunches and workshops and mixers for Dot Com Lifestyle members, entrepreneurs and anyone that loves talking about business in this digital age.

We've been visiting new restaurants for the past several weeks so it would be fun if you come out and hang out with us.

About the video below... I also wanted to take a little bit of time to introduce you to a cool feature by Google Photos. If you are using the Photos storage service with Google then you should have this available to you.

I discovered by accident when I uploaded a bunch of videos and photos in different albums. A few days later I received an email from Google telling me my autoawesome videos were ready. So far I've found a lot of them to be great and ended up publishing some already.

Here's one that I thought was well done. Keep in mind, this happened pretty much automatically. I just uploaded the photos and videos and Google took care of the rest.

Dot Com Lifestyle lunch highlight reel

...And people still want to argue that Google isn't innovating, that Google isn't doing anything fun for consumers anymore...

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