Whether you lean left, or right, I think everybody can agree that the mainstream media is mostly a deceptive machine. Maybe I'll make some posts to explain why and show you a dozen examples, but for now, IYKYK.

I've collected a list of news and opinion sources I use to try to get a well-rounded perspective on the state of the world. We know that CNN, MSNBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, and all the other lettered stations and companies aren't giving you a valid perspective so maybe this can help you navigate through it all.

Everybody has a bias. So as best as I can, I've categorized these into 6 containers if you will. I know it's a flawed system, but it's the best way I can think of to classify these. The labels I've prescribed to them are based on the totality of my field of vision. Ironically, this is my bias. Here are the 6 labels. Libertarian (LB), Left (L), Center Left (CL), Center (C), Center Right (CR), Right (R).

News & Opinion Coverage


  • Ground.news - A news aggregator that classifies news items in the spectrum but also shows you the original source of the news.
  • Newsguard - A service that evaluates news sources and highlights their source of funding, their journalist behavior (or lack thereof), and other important information when judging a news outlet.