This page attempts to present you with a distilled version of my world view, sprinkled with bits and pieces of some of the things I do. It is always hard to define ourselves so I don't expect this to be such definition. It is [this page] definitely a work in progress. Knowing thyself, is not just a saying, its a way of life. To live a good life, in every definition of the term, at the very least you must know who you are and be honest about it, changing what you don't like as you move along this short life. I think this is what Plato meant. Such is life that we change our views from time to time. I haven't updated this since I wrote it in May 2009. I might get around to updating it soon...


Learning makes the world so much richer and gives me the opportunity to experience more and do it better. To learn something every day, I read, I explore, I try, when I fail, I try it again, or try something different. Sometimes I don't read and I just explore and sometimes it's the other way around. I don't like formal education too much, I respect it, but it's not all that is hyped out to be. You might want to see this list of questions.


I have a number of hobbies that I try to nurture regularly, along all my professional interests and social interactions. One of many is photography. You can find me on Flickr, SmugMug, Picasa and Photobucket. In addition to the public photo sharing websites, I run a photography website where I sell some of my photography.


Living in the moment is important to me, but I think its clearly as important to plan for the future. I like to dwell somewhere in between the two extremes and for all intents and purposes I simply am. I relax when I need to, I work hard when I have to, I plan to succeed and I generally do it all very well. I have a sense of balance for the most part when I approach life this way. I try to take Buddhist teachings and ancient wisdom and mix it in with our modern chaotic technology driven world in order to make sense of it all. I generally don't believe in the intangible, especially when it comes to Deity related matters. Personality tests usually box me in the "off-the-wall" types, with the "going against the grain" group, with strong, driven, passionate impulses towards ideological, and artistic principles. I tend to be an incomplete perfectionist, and a procrastinating undisciplined inventor with a moderate dose of artistic ability.