Pulled an All Nighter Again. Late Night Update. – Day 21 #30DBC

/ / Pulled an All Nighter Again. Late Night Update. – Day 21 #30DBC

So I've been so busy with many of my projects that I neglected my blogging. Without apologies, I pickup right where I left off, and I am afraid I will cheat a little bit. (I'm going to back-date a few posts as I write them).

I'm reflecting upon the part about becoming a father. Soon I'll be holding my --hopefully healthy-- baby girl. The first in my generation and the first amongst two sibilings. My sister by the way, Travel Mango is pretty awesome. She'll be a great Aunt!

I'm exited about becoming a parent. I'm nervous and I'm also hopeful, anxious and I have a bit of a giddy feeling. I can't believe "I'm growing up" as you may say. Helen and I are both excited but also a bit nervous.

It is my turn to be tortured by a little one, the same way I probably tortured my mother for 18 years and then some! Claire Gonzalez I hope you're patient with us! I was just thinking about this because I stayed up late working, trying to keep everything afloat and I wonder how it will be once the baby is here. I know she'll be up and down quite a bit for the first few months, but somehow I think I can handle that.

So I'm pulling an All nighter again. Correction, I slept for a couple hours. From about 11 to 1 am, then I woke up to do work on client websites; social media and the various blogging projects I'm involved with. I'm now wrapping up this post and going to tell you a few updates on my blogging projects. Hopefully I can continue to sleep the same way I've been sleeping for the past 15 years or so. It works for me and maybe I've been preparing for Claire's arrival all along.

OK onto a few updates!

The 30 Day Blogging Challenge

I've got the 30 Day Blogging Challenge #30DBC (for which I am behind, but cheating and back-dating these posts). I have to catch up on writing my own blogposts and I have to catch up on the work I'm doing to keep the group going. Chris Lema offered to help me curate some of the posts for #30DBC and I hope to cath up by tonight or end of the week.

Blogging Group Class Week #1

I've also got my Blogging Class kicking off with Week #1 under the bridge now. Last week we had the intro session. More details about Week #1 will be posted soon and also emailed to the group. Remember if you're not part of the email list, you might be missing great blogging lessons, advice and meetup information about our group. Sign up here: bc

You'll be surprised about the turnout! Only two people were missing from the original class. I'm extremely happy that almost everyone made it back from the intro session to the first "real class" We're also scheduled for the next class and it seems that everyone is enjoying it so far.

WordPress & Business Websites

We're making some changes to OCWeb.Pro (aren't we always?) But just wanted to let you know that we are available to build your website, transfer your current website to WordPress or build you a kick-ass custom-designed website for your business or hobby. Some of the changes come in the form of referrals. If you're interested on earning some extra cash, get a hold of me. Ask me about earning referrals from OCWeb.Pro. We're doing a private affiliate program, by application and invitation only.

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