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After the other day when I found this beatboxing video, I looked up more info on Rahzel. And I found this odd video. It obviously is not just him beat boxing on the song, instead he's just rapping. I think that some of his sound effects were also mixed in. I don't really know what this video is all about. But anyway, as I was watching it, I saw a few scenes that were. . . how can describe it? Lets just say I was distracted by the video so much that I missed the whole point of the song. Or does it even have one? who knows.

No hip-hop video is complete without a righteous party!

Scren capture Picture showing Rahzel at a party, big pimpin style

The girls must be present.

All real hip hop parties have the girls hanging out. Even if they don't look as good as you'd wish. This picture shows such a girl.

...and the booty as well.

Picture of a butt dressed in tight white pants, they look like the spandex ones but these aren't shiny. Typical booty seen in the 90s in hip-hop parties.

But it got pretty weird when this came up, I actually rewound this part to take a picture to show you.

But the next one is the one that really got my attention. WTF?
Picture 1

That's him during a food fight in one of the scenes in the video.
Picture 4

After watching the video I really didn't feel like looking up any more info on this guy. here is the video if you want to see it.

[youtube Rg1hvJ3EiKY]

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