Riding your bike with your dog running (Picasso edition)

/ / Riding your bike with your dog running (Picasso edition)

Riding your bike with your dog isn't too hard if you start young. When he was young, I taught Picasso how to run next to me while I rode a bike. He's really good at it now and here's a quick video showing you this. Sorry for the noise. In fact I recommend you turn your sound down first and increase it slowly, there's not much to hear besides me telling Picasso about the rabbits and stuff. That's when you see him getting excited.

If you get a chance to bring your dog along on a bike ride, do it. I recommend you take the time and patience to teach them and then you'll have so much fun. He loves it as you can see in the video, he's just fully stretching all his muscles and he can still sprint from this but only for a short little while. As I yell "where's the rabbit, Picasso?" you'll see his ear perk up and look ahead to see if there really is a rabbit. If there were a rabbit there he could sprint to full speed and that's crazy... at this speed we're doing 13 - 14mph tops (hey! he's a little guy).

My tips are to learn in an open field, let him or her get acquainted with the bike at first. Maybe walk with the dog on your right hand side and walk your bike with your left hand side a couple times. Then next thing ride with your feet on the ground and see how it goes. Slowly they'll get it and eventually you can start pedaling. Do it in an OPEN area, no poles of any kind, fire hydrants, bushes, benches, etc. The main thing you're going to have to teach your dog is to not get tangled in an object that is in between you and your dog as you ride so that it comes in between you and tangles up the leash --that is the main thing to avoid. I'll tell you how I did it next time.

Oscar Gonzalez on Staree

This was a safe spot with no cars and very open spaces. Other videos I have will really show you how well he's able to avoid obstacles. Stay tuned.

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