Rutherfod Hill Vintage Zinfandel Port 2002

Name: Rutherford Hill Zinfandel Vintage Port
Vintage: 2004
Varietal: Vintage Zinfandel
Winery: Rutherford Hill Winery
Region: USA > California > Napa > Rutherford
SnoothRank: 4/5

My own rating: 5/5

My review of this wine: I'm actually reviewing the Rutherford Hill Zinfandel Vintage Port 2002. As of this writing, doesn't have the 2002 vintage listed as an option...

My Wife and I picked this up during our last trip to Napa earlier in 2010. It was amazing when we tasted it and it was amazing when we opened over the last weekend.

It pairs perfectly with chocolate covered blueberries. It is probably my favorite port because it isn't very syrupy or overly sweet. Instead, it almost feels like a heavy zinfandel with a light sweetness to it.

It is rare that a high price means a good tasting wine for me, but then again, there are always exceptions to the rule right!? I highly recommend you get some of this if you get the chance. AWESOME.

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