Scam e-mail from Craigslist

I got this e-mail earlier today. I thought it was comical so I'm passing it onto you. Its clearly a scam, don't fall for e-mails like that.

I was very impressed with the advert of the item you placed on
craigslist,l have read through and understand the condition of the
product,I am interested and buying for my son in Africa as a
Graduation present.I will be offering you $250.00 USD including
shipping cost via USPS(EMS) Global Express Mail 3-5 Working days if
you can ship internationally,I will be paying via PayPal.Kindly reply
me with your full name and your PayPal email address of where you want
the money to be credited to ,please include your email address in your
reply for effective contact and,i will be glad if you can end auction
for the item immediately to confirm to me your readiness to sell the
product to me.You can reach me via my E-mail address (LINDACONDA@

They are responding to an ad I placed to sell a laptop, the price of the laptop was $100. Why would anyone offer to pay more than twice that much, and without even looking at the item. Beware of scams like this, there are tons of them in Craiglist.

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