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William Blumberg - @WilliamBlumberg
So we are what we tweet @notagrouch... #SMMOC - I'll be curating tweets into a post so tweet away and make sure use the tag.

Nice William. So what's the next project?

LindaAbbit - @LindaAbbit
Per @theRECoach: post a 1min video answering a biz Q via YouTube daily #smmoc

Great tip on an easy way to use Youtube for your business. This applies to ALL businesses that deal with consumers or other businesses. You can find questions everywhere.

Sometimes your clients emails contain questions you can clean up and pose in a section on your site as a "Dear Abby" type of place. You could go on Quora and find questions you can answer.

An alternative to this is also just doing 1 minute features in your community's interests. For example realtors might want to talk about the new development happening down the street. Or a new favorite store opening a location nearby. Etc.

The video starts a bit into his conversation midway, but you didn't miss much and in fact he's going to recap about 20 seconds into it. The part that you miss is that Eric says that as a business owner in average you answer about 9 questions per day (I think he said per day). And these questions usually are similar or the same ones that many other people have.

By being in the radio, both he and I know that most people will not ask the question themselves but will really pay attention when someone else asks and an expert answers. Be the expert that answers questions about your industry or niche. This will help. Guaranteed. Do it in Quora, Youtube, your blog, (always try to bring it back to the blog somehow).

(video without notes and unedited: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCSp2dg-mtU )

Become a resource!


Here's Eric's tip, as you answer questions for your clients, on email and in person, or over the phone, why not turn that into a "FAQ" or simply a question you answer in a post on your blog. You're answering up to 9 or more questions anyway per day. You might as well capitalize on that and turn them into videos, blogposts, podcasts or whatever you can that makes you have new fresh and relevant content.

So Eric Brought up "The Answer man from the 80s" more like the 70s. Check it out, this was the only one I could find on Youtube:



Cindy Ronzoni - @cindyronzoni
Great day to be at #smmoc if you are a newbie. Going over strategy basics.

I have to agree Cindy! It was a good discussion. A bit of the same things we've talked about but it's good to revisit and hear new perspectives.

TheRECoach - @TheRECoach
RT @melaclaro: .#SMMOC's acronym of the day CAPTCHA = "Computer Assisted Public Touring to Tell Computers and Humans Apart"

That's a mouthful. Try saying that 3 times quickly! Better yet, try to remember that next week.

Kevin Sablan - @ksablan
RT @melaclaro: #SMMOC "Dunbar Number" = http://t.co/GsJ6T72u

The Dunbar number relates to the number of people that you can have as friends or in your network according to certain research and theories.

Cindy Ronzoni - @cindyronzoni
One of the most unrealized aspects of social media is remembering it takes time to build relationships #smmoc

Absolutely. I have to agree. This takes time and work and genuine care!

Mel Aclaro - @melaclaro
By the way, to all the dads in the #SMMOC group - I wish you a great day. :))

happy Father's Day to everyone from Mel and everyone at #SMMOC


Elsa Bugarini - @urdigitalmedia from  http://brilliantmobile.com/

Linda Abbit - @LindaAbbit from http://tenderlovingeldercare.com/

Kevin Sablan - @kSablan from: http://almightylink.ksablan.com/

A few more tweets...

Bob (Robert) Watson - @TopBrokerOC
"Be the Answer Man for your industry" @TheRECoach #SMMOC

Quote of the day!

William Blumberg - @WilliamBlumberg
No photo means no social to me @cindyronzoni: Never accept a new twitter or Facebook user if they don't have a photo.... #smmoc

I agree! This is one of those basic checks and balances. If you don't know the person and they don't have an avatar defined they're likely spammers.

Mel Aclaro - @melaclaro
BREAKING #SMMOC NEWS: SMDAYOC on June 29 - are you registered? http://t.co/GsJ6T72u Plz RT

Be there.

Kevin Sablan - @ksablan
By the way, #smmoc , another great thing about @bufferapp is that the creators listen on Twitter.

@bufferapp is really cool. I just wish it didn't break reply threads when you use it for replies.

Strategy & Donuts at SMMOC

Lots of great discussions again. Some covering strategy, other conversations covered content production and sourcing as well as distribution. If you want to join, meetups happen almost every Saturday. For up-to-date information on schedules visit the official site at SMMOC.com


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