1. Appreciate the coverage Oscar! Thanks. Just checked out Curaytor. If you don’t mind, would you email me the hired version of the big folks table? Thanks!

  2. Oh hey, that’s me sitting at the big table! SMMOC has always great sessions and learn new things whether you attend every meeting or come once in a while. And I am glad I went this morning 🙂

  3. Hey Rick! Thanks for stopping by. I haven’t checked out Curaytor yet how did you like it? — the photo is on its way to you.

    Yuka! yes that’s you. Definitely, #SMMOC is always good!

  4. Thanks for the update Oscar, I was at a women’s retreat. Won’t be there next week either, family wedding. Curious as to which backup provider you recommend?

    • Valerie, Glad you’re back! I would use one of these two: Carbonite or Crashplan Pro. Carbonite is the easiest to use, setup and be done but you pay a yearly fee. Crashplan pro also has a yearly service, but you can also use it for free if you have extra computers. You would backup one computer to another one, and you can do it even if the computers are in different locations (home/office) so that your data is saved off-site.

  5. […] last year. Since I’m playing with Live Blogging, I had to live blog that event so here it is: #SMMOC LIve blogging for […]

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