1. Great blog. Ill be back!! 🙂

  2. I need to contact Aquafina and get a check for that product placement….lol

    • You should. LOL that’d be funny if they agreed. Tell him I’ll give you the picture, you’ll post it on your site and charge them for the advert. 🙂

  3. Thanks Oscar, Curious why social oomph over hootsuite? I like hootsuite for syndication & scheduling, but use discrimination in how I use it. Also like it for scanning twitter via lists on Hootsuite.

  4. Not sure that I would say “over hootsuite” I really like hootsuite, I think social oomph was just an alternative. Some people really like it. I think the question was about what tools can cross post to many networks at once. I think in that case oomph has more networks and does it better, but overall, I think HS is better overall.

    • Thanks Oscar. I really appreciate these recaps of SMMOC, and your quick replies to comments. Miss see you and the Tue night group. Hoping I can make it next week Sat.

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