Spore coming out soon! – Interview with Will Wright

I'm getting more excited about Spore coming out soon. The date is getting closer closer. Did you check out the trailer?

Well, Cnet put out an interview with Spore game-master Will Wright on their site. The interview is short and easy to read, but it brings the spirit of the game forth and frankly it just increases the anticipation for this game. After seven years, it is finally coming out.

I can't wait for the game to come out for several reasons. I really want to try out the evolution element of the game, and as a gamer and techie it is fascinating to see what kind of intelligence has been introduced to make this game actually visualize evolution for us. Going through "generations" from zip to space age is also intriguing.

To my surprise, there is also a sharing and socialization part to the game. Apparently anything *you* make can be or will be available to the everybody playing the game... yet it is a single player game. Hmmm... that's interesting.

From Will Wright:

About the type of technology used to create truly one-of-a-kind creatures.

We had to basically invent our own kind of computer science for that.

There's more than tech and evolution in the game... the social element. On a very short sidenote --The term "social currency" is going mainstream. Will Wright said it. just watch--

About the social aspect

But as we developed more content and the ability to browse and explore it, we discovered how fun that process was and the social currency you get making something really cool and sharing it with other people. We borrowed the language of social networking and Web 2.0 to present what we're calling the Sporepedia.

About the hybridness of the game (yes, I think I just made that up).

There's huge unexplored space between single-player and multiplayer games. With multiplayer games, there's tremendous design limitations: Nobody can peak, nobody can pause time, no one player can be super powerful. These limit the experience you can give someone. But there is a huge benefit of getting a million people collectively building an interesting world. So our hybrid model aims for the best aspects of a multiplayer game without the worst drawbacks.

Anyway, check it out if you're interested, it worth the 2 min read.

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