1. Some simple things in life you can do yourself! Building your own steamliner in a glass… Cool!

  2. Thanks Lynn for stopping by. Yeah its a nifty little trick. If you played around with different shapes and stuff you could make a bunch of little things that use this concept.

  3. noncivilised-eye

    We used this same concept in one of my classes to make steam boats. We even raced them! You can experiment with different lengths of coil, and even the temperature of the flame.

  4. I was wondering about that… it would be pretty cool to do that. I guess it would be a physics, or thermodynamics class?
    Thanks for stopping by nc-e.

  5. Very cool and creative!

  6. I did something similar waaaaayyy back in cub scouts. Taught me about steam power.

  7. Instead of making the coil by hand, wrap it around a sharpie marker. This project won’t work if you get a kink in the line.

  8. Thanks for the tip dwindle. I wonder if how the result would be affected if you add multiple coils instead of just one?

  9. Very nice little demonstration. Especially the tip about glowing or annealing the brass to make it bendable, thus reducing the chance of kink.
    this would produce a very likeable effect if used in a crystal glass with a cut design.

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  11. This was very cool. I got sent to this website using http://www.stumble.com and very glad I got to “stumble upon it. My hubby and I think it’s pretty cool and we’re planning to make some with our kids. Thanks for the cool video!

  12. Hi Mariann! Welcome, I am glad you liked it and thanks for letting me know.
    If you end up making them, let me know how they turned out.
    My StumbleUpon name is stumblerak.

  13. This is way cool! I’m throwing a party tonight and the only thing I have to do between now and 8 is….make loads of these lovely lights:)
    Thanks for the ace demo!

  14. Thanks Sades! How did your party turn out? Did you end up making the little lanterns?

  15. Excellent – I was mesmerised….

  16. This was fun to watch I may not go off and do this – I guess my family wont allow me to have a blow torch – lol – but otherwise great trick..nice fading out too on video…It would be neat to have small mirrors behind it as well – to enhance mood created…chow ciao for now…

  17. Not quite a blowtorch but yeah its cool. let us know if you give it a try. I’d be happy to post any of your videos if you end up doing it.

  18. Actually yeah, you’re right, the torch is a potential problem. I think someone suggested using some sort of rod and wrap the tubing around it to prevent it from creasing, eventually getting the same result as if you heat it up.

  19. These were Known as Put Put motors when I was a Kid in the ’70,s.

    What you have actually, is a Pulsejet but the working fluid is water instead of air!
    Pulse Jets were used in WW2 by the Germans and were known as V 1 flying bombs, a,k,a, Buzz Bomb or Doodlebugs

    Since then you will find them mostly in aero-modeling,
    cheers Mick. ;-))

  20. Mick, Thank you for stopping by. That is interesting that you mention that. I had heard of doodlebugs but I didn’t know exactly what they were.

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