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Superbowl #51 and Parallels to Your Business Journey

/ / Superbowl #51 and Parallels to Your Business Journey

WOW! Did you get a chance to watch the Superbowl?

I don't care about sports much. But I usually go to a SuperBowl party with close friends and I enjoy that time hanging out with friends and catching up.

But this year's Superbowl game will go down in history as one of the most exciting games. As usual, I was thinking more about business than the game, even as I watched some really amazing plays.

There are three things I noticed in the game, and I wanted to highlight them and tell you how they relate to your own journey as an entrepreneur.

Title graphic of a football player aiming his pass. It reads Superbowl #51 and your own business journey.
There are business lessons to learn from many sources, especially something like the pop culture, The Superbowl and the NFL.

The comeback, the catch, and the half-time show.

The comeback is noteworthy because even if the Patriots were favorite to win, they were down by a significant margin. That was big deficit to close and many people thought the Falcons had the game in the bag, but the Patriots came back and took the championship.

But it takes resilience, perseverance, and faith in yourself to come back from the depths of hell. Most people don't come back from apparent catastrophic failure, not because they can't or because they don't know what to do, but because they don't believe in themselves and in the fight left in them that can bring them victory.

In business, you have to fight and keep going even when the outcome appears bleak. Because you know what you're supposed to do and you know what is supposed to happen. But you can't give up because you had a bad start.

An amazing catch

That amazing catch was the perfect example of luck. And I define luck by that moment that happens when opportunity meets preparation.

If you put me in that same spot, at the same time with the exact same situation, chances are I would have dropped the ball. Why?

Because I haven't developed my skills and the eye for the ball, or my reflexes. Sure, the opportunity was there, and the lucky bounce off the opponent's leg happened, but the catch by Edelman couldn't happen without thousands of hours of practice where he trained for moments like these.


The half time show

And lastly, there was the half-time show. Whether you love or hate  Lady Gaga, she put on a tremendous show. And it reminded me of the people that think of successful people as "overnight successes." She's not an overnight success, even if it seems like that.

The same way, in business, you don't get to the top overnight. Just like Lady Gaga, you don't get to the top of the charts by slacking off, you don't get to put on one of the biggest -if not the biggest, shows of the year by rolling out of bed, leaving it to chance and hoping it all goes well. There were reportedly over 111 million people that watched the Superbowl.

It takes practice, practice, practice, rehearsals and more practice. It takes perseverance and getting back up each time you get knocked down just so you can practice some more. Yes, you need talent too, but you either have that or you don't. A skill, in the other hand you can learn and skill you can sharpen. But work ethic is something you have within your control, you can outwork everyone else to win.

Hard work, commitment, practice, perseverance and belief in yourself will help you succeed.

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So next time you think that your business isn't doing well, get back to it and put in more time, get some help, build a network of support, work smarter, think strategically and keep practicing the basics so when an opportunity shows up you can recognize it and capitalize on it.

Back to you! Did you see any other parallels you think are worth highlighting as it relates to business or online marketing? I'd love to hear what I missed, drop me a note in the comments or social media.

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