Talk O’Clock, crowd sourcing your wake up calls


Talk O'Clock is a new social app. Kind of interesting and kind of kooky but nonetheless I gave it a try. The whole concept is novel and it works like this:

You set up an alarm for whatever time and date you need and the system will try to find someone that will call you to wake you up. Essentially, crowd sourcing your wake up calls! Your phone number is never revealed because the system first calls the person that will wake you up, then they connect them to you.

A nice recording alerts you when you're about to be connected and they ask you to please be nice. Classy touch if you ask me.

I tried it out actually this morning and I called someone to wake them up. You can either create an alarm or "Wake Somebody up". Unfortunately when I called somebody, the call went straight to voicemail... I hope they aren't late for work! The app for Android is pretty simple, and it seems to work well. You can do two main things, set an alarm, or Wake somebody up.

To test the receiving end, I've setup two alarms. We'll see if someone calls me to "wake me up" The fact is that I'm still relying on my alarm clock, which happens to also be on my phone. One interesting aspect of the system is that you can also select if you want to be called by men or women, and also you can choose to call only men or women. Could two people meet randomly with this?

This app raises a bunch of questions, the most obvious one is: Why? You need a smart phone to join the system, yet all smart phones have built in alarm clocks...

If this was a website service for people that don't have an alarm clock and just have a phone, then it would be great... Other than a big social experiment, I guess I just see it as a novelty item for now.

And if you were to depend on this alarm to actually wake you up for something important... What if no one wants to call me? Will I just be late to work?

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