Taquitos De Tinga Poblana at El Torito

These are the steangest tacos ive ever been served. At El Torito. #bleh Some of us went to El Torito for lunch during the Home Business Summit. This is what I ordered, it's called "Taquitos De Tinga Poblana." They were pretty good, but not quite what I was expecting.

Tinga is a really good dish when done right; it's also hard to find around here. So I ordered it and it was pretty good, but not the traditional flavor. It was missing the classic pickled onions. Can't have Tinga without the pickled onions. The salad burying all the tacos you see there was also over the top. All in all, the dish was well done and seasoned right and all that stuff, but just by the title, it was a bit deceptive. #justsayin


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