The Firefox Addon Reviews – Autocopy

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I'm glad that you're back for the weekly Firefox add on review. If you missed some of the previous ones, check out the Firefox link on the right.

Today I'll show you about Autocopy. It is a very simple extension and if you're not familiar with this concept, the first and only question you may ask is "Why?". Why do you want this? Why should you use this? Well I think it is a great time saver. I use it almost every time I surf the web.

The concept is simple and it has been used by Linux and some windows programs like Putty for a long time. It is based on the notion that when you highlight a section of text, usually you intend to copy it. Instead of highlighting the text, then pressing "ctrl+c" and then "ctrl+v" to copy then paste, well... it autocopies the text you just highlighted in one motion.

Then to paste, you can use the middle-wheel from your mouse or simply press "ctrl+v" or use the edit menu and select paste. You can autocopy from the browser and it works in text boxes as well as regular pages. Whatever you copy goes into your clipboard so it is available to paste into any application, like Word or Excel. When you highlight the text, it will blink to indicate that it has been copied. As simple and trivial as this may seem, once you get the hang of it I'm pretty sure it will prove to be a huge help in your daily web surfing.

Autocopy works right out of the box and it indicates its status by placing a small clipboard with a check mark on it on the bottom right corner of your browser. You can temporarily disable the extension in one click by left-clicking on this icon. If you right-click on the icon instead, you have access to configuration options.

There's a lot of configuration options available if you want to get into it and customize it to your liking. I find that it works great with the defaults. The only thing I usually change is the "De select after copy" option. That is just a preference I have.

If you want to give it a try, you can download it from here.

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