Be True To Youreself – #Movember 2

/ / Be True To Youreself – #Movember 2

This is video number two for my #movember series. Learn more about Movember here.

This is a tip about being yourself and being true to yourself. Don't try to please everyone, you'll fail miserably. This is tough advice to follow because we have our own insecurities that are afraid of disappointing people, making them angry, or upset.

You need to be honest with yourself and be true to yourself. This way, when you do something you'll be comfortable in your own skin despite failures, or negative feedback from people.

Also, when you are true to yourself, your readers and potential new readers will appreciate your honesty and will follow you. Those that don't like your honesty or the stuff you're talking about aren't really people you want to cater to in the first place.

Focus on your core strengths and be honest with yourself so you can really shine.

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