Free Lunch Friday #stayhungry

What is #FLFLA? The Free Lunch Friday

/ / What is #FLFLA? The Free Lunch Friday

If you saw any of my tweets last friday, you noticed I tweeted out with a new hashtag. That was the hashtag #FLFLA which stands for Free Lunch Friday Los Angeles. The Free Lunch Friday is a new organization focused on bringing entrepreneurs and start-ups together once a month. The goal is to feed them, not just food but also new relationships, new ideas, success stories and motivation. The program kicked off in Santa Monica at the ROC and it was by all my standards a great success. Check out my tweets with the #FLFLA tag or check out some of the ones I found interesting:

In this video by john Chow, I give a quick introduction about 1/2 though the video. I'm sure I'll tell you more about it in upcoming blogposts. In the meantime, check out their website and register to be in the know for a #FreeLunchFriday available near you. And #stayhungry!

Free Lunch Friday #stayhungry
#StayHungry - Always want more. #FLF

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