Yes, Even This is a “Thing”

Sometimes people tell me that their hobby is too little to be blogged about. Nobody would care.

Nobody would be interested in hearing about that in a blog -- they say. But I always show them the posibilities instead of looking for the pitfalls.

This is a perfect example. Who knew that Slacklining was a thing? Slacklining is the sport of bouncing on a taught but elastic rope (more like a ribbon) and doing tricks while in the air.

Think of a single dimensional trampoline jumping routine, and yes it's a thing. The video you're about to watch is of the finals, the championship. So this is fully sanctioned somewhere.

That's an opportunity for media production for and around the sport, the people in it, the equipment, the events, the training and all that. A whole niche can be built on a blog just around a topic like that.

But enough about that, enjoy the video. It's quite entertaining. This is The World Slackline Masters 2015 Final. America vs Estonia:

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