Movies I’m looking forward to This Summer and Fall with Trailers

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Lucy 2014 Scarlet Johansen as a kick-ass super-powered gorgeousness embodied, her name is the only reason you need to see this movie. But it still looks like it will be a big hit … Continue Reading This >>

Totally Legit!


I saw this the other day just at the parking lot and I couldn't resist taking a picture of … [Read More...]

MailLift Hand-written Letters to your Leads and Customers

Picture of Maillift's handwritten letter

Recently I tried out to try MailLift. Mailift, in their own words is: is a handwriting … [Read More...]

Notagrouch Mixtape – June 16 – What is Hemiplegia Anyway?


One of the songs for this week's mixtape had this word in it, Hemiplegia. Kinda strange so I … [Read More...]

Streak, a CRM for Gmail Quick Video Tour


I got a new email account I need to manage now so I thought I would take some time to show … [Read More...]

Digital Spring Cleaning


You've got just about a week left to finish any spring cleaning you meant to do this spring. … [Read More...]

Bitcasa Updates client, Finally ads Bandwidth Throttling

Woohoo! Installed Bitcasa. Can't wait to experience more of that "magical" drive.

I restarted my computer for the first time in a few weeks. I love that about my mac, don't … [Read More...]

Blue Yeti USB Microphone Review & Comments

Picture collage of the Blue Yeti Microphone

This is my Blue Yeti USB Microphone Review and some comments. Here's a little background … [Read More...]

My Top Tier Business Review – Day 1


As we kick off a new year, I thought I'd revisit the My Top Tier Business (MTTB) program and … [Read More...]

Rooster Cafe Breakfast Burrito


One of my favorite spots to eat around Orange County is Rooster Cafe. It's in Costa Mesa. … [Read More...]

My Top Tier Business Review First Looks


As you may or may not know, I am part of My Online Business Empire, MOBE for short. MOBE is … [Read More...]